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We Are Accredited!!
Posted 5/24/19

KMS has numerous initiatives in place to support learner’s needs. AVID has been a key initiative at KMS. In 2016, KMS became a “Jensen School”. The school adopted the Structures of Jensen with every 15 minute break of Energizer, Joke of Day, positive affirmation and positive message of the day with an emphasis on growth mindsets. Additionally, KMS focuses on restorative practices that include mediations between students, and students with teachers. Daily 45 minute Advisory periods start the school day for students. There are several Tier II programs in place. These include ST Math, Read 180, SpEd-i-ready Math and ELA, which is split with the core, and SpEd-Teachers are also using ST math in advisory and iReady in the core. New electives since 2012 include AVID wheels, chorus, and student leaders are Instructional Council members. Kennedy Middle School is well-positioned for an ongoing and continuous improvement journey. The Engagement Review Team experienced evidence of a caring and competent leadership team and staff. The school’s focus on teaching the whole student (emotional, social, and physical along with core content and electives) was powerful and evident. There are ample opportunities for stakeholders to participate in the daily activities and governance of the school. Highlighting the strengths of KMS as a community school and incorporating those into the culture and behaviors of students and staff has potential to support all stakeholders.