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Supply Lists

School Supply List will update soon for the 2017-2018 School Year

General School Supply List

2 - 2.5-inch binders (No smaller)   (Avery brand - Heavy Duty or Durable is recommended) (one binder for replacement if needed)

1 - Combination lock -  NO KEY LOCKS

1 - Zipper or Utility Pouch

1 - Eraser-Pearl

1 - Ruler  Metric/standard  (Needs to have holes for placement in binder)

2 - Pkgs. of 10 dividers

2 - Pencils and 2 Pens (blue or black)

1 - Highlighter

4 - Homework folders (7th grade only)

1 - Box colored pencils (7th grade only)

1- Flash Drive

Pocket Thesaurus - (small in size to fit in pouch) Optional

Calculator - Optional

6th Grade Supply List

Supplies are to be turned in to 1st period teacher.

2- 2.5 inch 3 ring binders (one for a replacement as needed)

4 – Book Covers

4 - Spiral Notebooks

1  - Combination Lock - NO KEY Locks


Supplies to be turned in to 1st period teacher – One time buy

1   –  Package construction paper

2   –  Boxes of Kleenex

2   –  Boxes of colored pencil

2   –  4 oz. Elmer’s glue sticks

2   –  Roll scotch tape

2   – Boxes water based markers

1   –  Packages 3x5 index cards

1  -  Ream of paper - printer

1  -  Ream of notebook paper


Additional supplies will be requested by individual teachers

2016-2017 8th Grade Supply List


1- Flash Drive

  Note – if you purchase mechanical pencils please buy refills for your student. 


Social Studies:

2- 2.5 inch 3 ring binders (one for a replacement as needed)

2- 100 packs of college rule paper,

1- pack of black or blue pens, 

1- pack of pencils,

1- box of tissues,

wooden ruler,

2- glue sticks, and

1- roll of tape. 


Language Arts:

 1- 3 ring binder 1 inch,

2- 100 packs of college rule paper,

1- pack of pens black or blue,

2- red pens



Student Council:

1- pack of color pencils,

1- wooden ruler,

1- roll of tape,

1- 100 pack of college rule paper.

IGS1 (Functional & Lifeskills) School Supplies

School Supply List

*2 packages of wide ruled lined paper

*48 pencils

*1 package of dry erase markers

*4 spiral notebooks

*Key lock for locker with extra key to be kept at school

*2 boxes of kleenex

*1 large bottle of hand sanitizer

*1 large package of antibacterial wipes

*Folder for backpack


*If your student needs toileting assistance at school:

(These items will need to be replenished throughout the year.)

      *Bathroom wipes

      *1 package of vinyl gloves 

      *Change of clothing to be kept at school

      *Daily clothing to be sent in each day for changes

      *Any other items that your student will require at school


We also need donations of cooking supplies:

*flour, sugar, chocolate chips, mixes, icing, boxed food etc. 



Your student can bring in for their use only (if you want them to have their own):


*Headphones (computer use)